Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hippy Killer Honda 750 Four Chopper.

Another Matt J. build commissioned by Emil from Industrial Strength.
This is probably the neatest Honda chopper i have seen in a while. This long, low and mean highway star is a genuine chop bought back to life and modified just that little bit more to what you see here.
Believed to be a rare All Souls Choppers frame holding a 750cc honda 4 cylinder engine.

Front end old skool narrow springer that Emil managed to snap up but it was in a sorry state. Matt explains how much work has gone into the front end to get it working and looking this good. " I had to make new bushes, a top plate and make everything fit".  Front wheel is 21" with mini brake drum.

Narrow pull back bars, twin rectangular step down headlights, Amal levers and a 4" short stem mirror all add to that period appeal.

Metal flake paint, jelly bean green grips and rubbers, cobra metal flake seat, Diamond petrol tank, hand made sissy bar, modified Harley rear gaurd, 16" rear wheel and the list goes on!

                                               I haven't ridden it yet but i hope to soon!

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