Friday, October 29, 2010

Disc of Doom

This came out of a Ducati Pantah. Pure art.
Mechanical falure at it's best!
In case you're wondering, that disc embedded in
the piston top is the valve.

The world's fastest postman

This has to be the quickest Postie Bike on the planet. The owner has worked the crap out of this motor and he is attempting to become the fastest on the salt flats for his class. For those not familiar, this is a Honda C, Australia Post service bike. I'll keep you posted (pardon the pun)!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flat track street Trump

I've been watching the progress on this machine from start to end and the last few weeks have been killing me with anticipation!

Finally got to ride this little beast the other day and it handles as good as it looks.
Another well done job by Matt J.





Morad alloy rims, modified Mettise rear hub, custom built headers, modified rear frame and a Frank Arezzi paint job are just touching on the good points of this beast!

AJS desert racer

1960 AJS 650cc CSR desert racer we found last year. We just finished putting it together, not restored, looks as good as the day it was first modified.


Race prep Triumph Trident

We are setting up this Trident for track work...
This machine arrived from the US with no history at all. Engine has been overhauled and never started, although the owner and a few people here have tried with no result. That's the scary part!
We don't know who or what or where. We have found quite a few 'mistakes' and problems so we are not going to take any chances.
The process of elimination now begins.

Gearbox shifting issues, timing out, wrong carb settings and no oil pressure. Just some of the problems as we dig deeper.
Coming together quite well now and we've also got a great oil pressure reading. Timing is also spot on but the carbs are quite large for this set up.
We've got her running but will now dyno-tune for max.