Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Junk #3 is in the building!
Featuring HKG's Loser machine, 69 Honda bobber and much more.
Junk Motorcycle Magazine is a UK quarterly publication dedicated to old skool custom motorcycles, hotrods and specials.

80 pages, full size, no ads! Featuring some of the world's coolest machines and the people who build them.
Limited print run Third Issue! Get in quick!

Price: AUD14.95

*** Free postage within Australia!!! ***
For your copy please contact http://www.trojanclassics.com/

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

     ------Mr Rock and Roll Detective------

Speaking of characters, it's not easy to go past Andrew Dice Clays' Ford Fairlane, Rock and Roll detective.
 This foul mouthed rocker made us laugh so hard with his crude jokes and i don't give a f*%k attitude. No role model here but a straight up excellent drinking buddy who appreciates good music, hot babes, classic cars and rare guitars. Unf*ckin'believable!

The Fonz

                           ...King of all things Kool... 

Well i doubt any TV character has made such an impact on so many people as Henry Winklers 'The Fonz'.
When i was a kid i wanted to be like the Fonz... and so did every other boy i knew. Thumbs up, leather jacket, chick magnet, tough, attitude, motor mechanic, motorcycle riding, parent nightmare and all-round rebel rouser, The Fonz was that and more!

The most amazing thing is that Happy Days re-runs are still being played today and my ten year old son agrees that the Fonz is Kool. That's gotta tell you something, after all these years a new generation still digs this guy!.. Now Richie Cunningham on the other hand...

Monday, June 13, 2011

MoPar muscle lines

Why do i love Chrysler cars? Well with details like this it's hard not to.

R/T and Hemi... Any MoPar devotee would be proud to have one under their belt.

Tail lights are spectacular!

Engines are extreme! If you're asking why then you just wouldn't understand.