Tuesday, November 20, 2012



All top of the line steels! 4130 chromoly, 1018 steel, 17-4ss used in construction of this front end.
  • Chromoly 1/8 wall legs - Ask yourself before you buy a cheap springer how good is the metal it's made from.
  • 17-4ss rods and pins - support to make sure operation stays true.
  • CNC full loop style front legs - innovative strong design that's pleasant to the eye no matter which angle you look at it.
  • T14 stainless steel allen head bolts - with these you eliminate the use of spanners that round off the edges on regular hex types and ruin the look of your brand new springer.
  • Old Skool ribbed style trees - solid support, a refreshing change to the same old 'plain jane' springers we are all accustomed to.
  • CNC stem, top nut and lock nut - nothing but the best to insure perfect bearing fitment and adjustment.
  • CNC rocker pins fully bushed - major area prone to failure on most inferior springers on the market. Others tend to have either pressed tubing or no bushes and don't last long.

Machined to perfection, all fittings and parts on this unit lock into place 100% not like other inferior springers that never fit correctly, need modification and are made from unknown metals that will ultimately fail.

The TFMW springer is designed to take plain spool hubs or mini brake drum hubs, keeping true to period old skool fashion. As the name suggests 'Super Narrow', so don't expect to fit a disc brake or large drum hub on this baby - less is more!

Can be fitted to Triumph, Harley Davidson, custom frames and various other makes.

The TFMW springer is raw, the only chrome parts are the coil springs. This allows the custom bike builder to have the flexibility to add brackets for guards, brake stays etc and be able to finish in chrome, powder coat or anything you can think of.

Please use the measurements below to determine and verify this product application to suit your needs.
NOTE: The standard length of a springer front end is referred to as 22". This measurement is taken from the base of the lower tree (rear leg) to the bottom of the rocker.
  • Standard (22" length)
  • 6-7/8" between rockers
  • 4-1/2" between rear legs (narrowest point)
  • 8-5/8" between top and bottom tree (including stem adjust nut)
  • 1" stem diameter (standard Harley Davidson)
  • 3/4" axle hole diameter (can be sleeved down) 

Available in Standard, 2" under and 4" under.

Please contact us at: Trojan Classic Motorcycles to place your order today.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Biltwell Motorcycles Parts at Trojan Classic Motorcycles

In stock a fine selection of Biltwell custom motorcycle parts here at Trojan Classic Motorcycles.

Keystone handlebars chrome 7/8" and 1", no dimples

Keystone handlebars black 7/8" and 1", no dimples

 Frisco handlebars chrome 7/8" and 1", no dimples

Keystone handlebars black 7/8" and 1", no dimples

 Kung Fu hand grips in black 7/8" and 1"

Kung Fu hand grips in natural 7/8" and 1"

Exhaust tips for 1 3/4" headers in black or silver

We have many styles, 4 Aces, Mohawk, Ribbed, Hollow Point.
Pictured here-
above: black 4 Aces
Right:  Silver Ribbed

Solo saddle (seat) in Diamond pattern or Tuck n' Roll. We also have raw pan and foam kits in this style or slimline.

Stainless steal saddle bracket also available Macho Negro black version.

Open face helmet visors available in different shades, 3 stud adjustable mounting.

Available in clear, smoke, smoke gradient and mirror.

Slimline black risers to suit 1" handlebars (can take reducers for 7/8")

Slimline polished stainless steel risers to suit 1" handlebars (can take reducers for 7/8")

Visit our web store at http://www.trojanclassics.com to view Biltwell and other custom quality products.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Triumph Tiger Cub T20 1955 and 1958 double dose!

Some time back Steve C. from Manta Automotive purchased two Triumph Tiger Cubs from us and in a matter of months pulled off two incredible restorations. The condition of the bikes to start with would have scared off the staunchest restorers but Steve was not phased.

First off the line was this 1958 T20, a basket case to say the least.

Rare parts, if not all requiring reconditioning, then probably replacing. Not an easy way to start building a bike but hard work and determination will pay off.

As if Steve didn't have his hands full with the 58 he also grabbed our old 1955 Cub. An even harder build to knock off.

Some beautiful old original parts that are almost impossible to source these days.

Almost a bare bone project, the 55 would be tempting to do custom a bobber out of but then again...

Two incredible Tiger Cubs bought back to life from a pile of parts. These bikes could not have fallen into better hands. Steve, my hat comes off to you!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tim's Triumph Bobber in Oz BIKE magazine #366


{/}.... Apocalypto....{/}

Chris Nilson did a fantastic photo shoot and article on Tim's Triumph bobber. See it in Oz bike magazine issue #366.
Sandra-Lee came along for the ride and helped make this Triumph even more desirable!

Full story on Tim's bobber click here: http://trojanclassics.blogspot.com.au/2010/12/tims-triumph-bobber-build.html

More of Sandra-Lee (like i need to twist your arm) click here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sandra-lee-Carcar/119424541469677

Friday, July 20, 2012

King of Neapean 2012 Dirt Track, Flat Track Racing

We were invited to attend this awesome event by Nepean Motor sports Club secretary, Greg Heatley.
Dirt Track or flat track racing has a long and established history in Australia.
The Nepean Raceway which opened in 1959, is run by a handful of Sydney motorcycle clubs on a volunteer basis. The effort to make an event like this happen is astounding. Countless hours organizing and dedication to keep this sport healthy insures that spectators like ourselves are subjected to one hell of a show!

The Program on the left shows riders at Nepean in 1973 going hard. Today the spirit of dirt track racing is just as strong.


From Sidecars to MX there was plenty for everyone.

 Many riders coming from across the State to compete at race days and some as young as 10yrs old. Nepean raceway also holds coaching clinics.

Overall a great day out with lots of race action. A big thanks to Greg Heatley for his endless efforts to promote the event and the volunteers who helped make it happen.

To find out more on future events see details below:

 Nepean Race Way


Nepean Motor Sports Club Ltd (Nepean Raceway)
112 Rickards Road  CASTLEREAGH NSW 2749

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


                                               TRITON Re-build

We purchased this Triton some time ago and had it sitting in our showroom.
The bike came to us in a sorry state. It had been put away wet at some stage - the chrome and alloy were in urgent need of attention. The bike is a unique Triton, using many rare and desirable parts and was well worth refurbishing. So we made space in the workshop and stripped the bike down for inspection.

Frame and swing arm checked out well. The paint is good and just needs a cut and buff. Everything chrome needs polishing or re-chroming. The rear shocks are stuffed and will need replacing.

As stated, the alloy parts need cleaning and polishing but this won't be a problem as the parts are solid and in excellent condition.

We removed the timing cover exposing the clean timing gears. From what we see here, the engine has been re-built and not done much service if any.

Both wheels were removed and stripped down. The genuine Akront alloy rims where polished and so to the front brake plate and hubs. the rear brake plate and drum sprocket were stripped down and painted two pack black. Tyres are K81 Dunlop.

After re-spoke and trueing we re-built the hub internals and prepared to mount the rear wheel to the bike.

We have also stripped down the Road Holder front end and painted the trees and covers black. The seat is a genuine Dunstall type. The cover was in very good condition, just needed the edges to be glued down. We also painted the rear section silver.

Primary cover turned out fantastic.
We did 'bench test' this engine and found it to be in perfect condition.
500cc Triumph pre-unit all alloy head and barrel mounted in a Norton slimline featherbed frame with 'Converta' brackets.

Driven by a Norton gearbox and clutch which was a popular choice for well sorted Tritons due to the Norton gearbox's reputation as a strong unit.
Here you can see how the cases have responded to polishing. The magneto is Lucas and the carb is amal Monobloc.

We replaced the rear shocks with a pair of Arion Pacific Industries dual spring types.

The fuel tank is a genuine Dunstall fuel/oil combo. We also painted this silver.

 We are running a dead battery system with a custom made wiring loom to supply power for lights and horn. The battery will be mounted inside the toolbox compartment behind the seat.

Modified rear brake pedal and foot pegs. The standard Kickstart and gearchange levers are positioned to clear all surrounding components.

Amal Monobloc carb re-built with polishied float bowl cover and ram tube.

Swept back header pipes with Dunstall wide mouth mufflers.

To fit a decent size battery into the tool box we cut out the base and molded in a fibre glass battery box. The battery can supply approx. 2hrs constant lighting before re-charging.
There is still ample space to store small tools, spare spark plugs etc around the battery.

 The choice for rear tail light is the classic 564 Lucas type repro by Arion Pacific industries. The horn is a 12V mini hidden under the seat base.

 Combination fuel and oil tank with re-chromed filler caps mounted to frame. The SS holding strap and latch hold the tank down firm onto the buffer rubbers. There are also two front studs molded to the front base of the tank that bolt into the front of the frame where the stock tank was originally mounted.

Arion Pacific Industries Clubman bars, headlamp brackets, 7" Lucas style headlamp, brake and clutch levers.

Fully re-built Norton road holder front forks polished to a satin finish. The front brake hub is a single leader Atlas as is the rear. K81 Dunlop tyres on both rims. We are contemplating a front fender...


All cables modified and lubed. Brake, throttle and clutch adjusted.

Very close to finishing, a few more minor details and once over checks should see this Triton ready to ride.