Saturday, November 9, 2013

Troys' 66 Bonneville Chopper !!

Troy D. walked into our shop about 2 years ago and said he wanted to build a custom Triumph.
He had purchased a somewhat rough rigid unit and wanted to get on the road without going overboard etc, etc. The only problem was that slowly as the build progressed Troy wasn't going to be happy with some half arsed hack and decided that if he's going to do this then it's all or nothing.
 Now i wasn't exactly sure about Troys' capacity or ability to undertake this project but his attitude and willingness were spot on. After a few more visits to buy parts and chat about the bike i was now convinced that Troy was going to build something good. I especially took notice when he came in and showed me some of the parts he was fabricating for the build. Did i forget to mention Troy was about 21 years of age (now 23) and had never built a motorcycle? Well now you may understand why i was perhaps skeptical about how someone as young as Troy, with no experience in motorcycle building (especially Triumph), was going to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

 Troy made his own petrol and oil tank, headers, handlebars, fender, all brackets, leather work, and the spectacular paint job you see in these photos.
We reconditioned and balanced the crank, rods and pistons, bored and honed his barrels and reconditioned the head. We also Hydroteched the cases, head and alloy parts.
Troy put the engine together himself and it works a treat.
There are so many handmade custom parts on this bike and we think he's nailed that early 70s look. I won't go into detail about the build as it is going to be featured in two magazines so you will be able to read about it then.
Well done Troy!!