Thursday, July 16, 2015

Triumph 650 Short Stroke Street Tracker

Greg Heatley ( see: Flat Track Racing ) asked us to rebuild his old 1969 Triumph as it had been sitting for many years. He has owned the bike for more than 27 years and is quite attached to it. When the bike arrived at our workshop it was pretty much just a roller. Greg told us that he was getting ready for a full rebuild a few years ago but it just didn't happen. The bike does not have  matching frame and engine numbers and has a 650cc TR6 short stroke engine fitted to it. For us it was a straight up opportunity to build Greg a custom bike. We sat down with him and explained our vision for the build. With Greg's Flat Track Racing background we thought it would be ideal to build him a street bike that he could easily race if he felt the need. Greg was all for it but with only one request; the Triumph must not look like a 'track' bike but more so a standard road bike. He went on further to say "my wife, Karen, would kill me if I brought home another race bike".

We pulled the engine down for inspection and reconditioning.

As previously mentioned, this engine is a 650 TR6 short stroke. The cases pulled apart and crank removed for cleaning and inspection.

Top end removed, the head and barrels will be fully reconditioned.

Gearbox wasn't too bad but we did find a layshaft bearing incorrectly fitted as seen below.

A new rotor and stator plus complete primary drive will replace the tired old ones.

Rocker box assemblies cleaned and rebuilt.

Crank and conrods reconditioned and balanced with new pistons. Barrels bored, honed and painted as we now proceed to build the engine.

Fabrication, modifications and final assembly.

Mounting the rear 5" stainless steel fender and Bonneville slim line gas tank.

Oxy cutting rear pillion peg hangers.

Design and fabrication of header pipe mounting brackets. The headers are Arion Pacific Industries Triumph 650 unit construction and the mufflers are Tapered type and the brackets are mounted off the pillion hangers.

Design and fabrication of the stainless steel battery box. The original tabs that hold the oil tank will also support the right side of the battery box. On the left side we welded a wide tab to the frame and box.

Twin output coil mounted on the down tube beneath the battery box.

Rear master cylinder reservoir and mount.

Rear wheel axle and bearing modification with Brembo rear caliper conversion.

Final adjustments to rear fender before final fitment.

Rear master cylinder and front brake caliper fitted.

Alloy head light brackets with Arion Pacific Lucas 7" Headlight, classic grid hand grips, 364 throttle and alloy levers. 12 volt mini horn and new Amal 930 carb.

And finally some shots of the complete build...

The gas tank colour scheme was chosen by Greg's loving wife and we think it's an excellent choice. We fitted a reproduction Triumph seat and a 525 tail light with alloy bracket. The rear shocks are Arion Pacific.

This engine was originally a left hand gear shift that we converted to right. The one dollar gold coin now covers the hole where the left gear shift shaft was positioned!

After a complete shakedown we are satisfied with this beast and hand the Triumph over to Greg who can't stop smiling!

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