Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yamaha SR400 stocker ...

An excellent opportunity to enter the world of classic motorcycling. Ride as is but also a perfect canvas to build a Cafe Racer, Street Tracker or Bobber with this fine example of a stock Yamaha SR400 Motorcycle. Perfect investment and sought after by collectors worldwide.
Engine number: 2H6 2351**
Frame number: YM 2H6 2351**
Purchased in 2011 with intent to build a race bike (an example of what was planned is pictured) but other projects took up time.
This fantastic motorcycle features:
  • 399cc single cylinder engine alloy motor in excellent working order. The recommended oil feed to rocker conversion has also been done.
  • can run without battery for emergency use (not with lights).
  • 4 speed gearbox with folding kickstart lever, smooth changes, no crunching or grinding etc
  • 'Goldstar' muffler, has an awesome note.
  • Factory alloy rims. 
  • Factory disc front, Drum rear
Overall a factory stock motorcycle with only 52129km on the clock!

Frame and tinware in good condition with the usual small marks and blemishes that are to be expected from road riding. The paintwork is good considering the age but not concourse. One dent on right side of fuel tank but nothing major.
Currently not road ridden, but maintained on private circuit.
Displayed in a showroom, also regularly primed and turned over.

Firm seat, strong frame, good suspension and steering, great stock bike.
The engine ticks over nicely, good comp, revs smoothly across the rev range, does not have knocks or any unusual noises and blows no smoke.
Gearbox selects through all gears smoothly and clutch grips fine. This is a great bike to ride and is also learner approved.
Runs on regular unleaded petrol. This motorcycle comes with a new battery, all electrics fitted as per standard factory and everything works. All gauges work fine. The machine rides well and everything works as it should.

This bike has not been molested or butchered by some backyard mechanic as is the case with most on the market.
This motorcycle is not registered. It is Australian complied and approved (compliance plate is on frame) so there should be no problems after inspection is done.

We have also added a few photos of what this motorcycle can look like when modified, these motorcycles are not for sale.

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