Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Up for sale, this beautiful one of a kind custom old skool Triumph bobber. Private sale on behalf the owner.

Engine number: T120DU69**
Frame number:
This is a 1968 Triumph Bonneville that was built and completed 2007-08. First registered then and has never been off the road. 

This striking motorcycle features:
  • 1968 T120 649cc twin cylinder engine, alloy twin carb straight port Bonneville head in excellent working order.
  • 1968 front loop with bolt on 4" x 2.5" hardtail.
  • Custom copper foot pegs (real neat trick!)
  • Amal twin carbs with custom copper ram tubes
  • Custom fab. fire extinguisher oil tank with remote oil filter and oil press. gauge.
  • Modified genuine Sportster fuel tank with Triumph petrol taps.
  • Hand made 'Kansas Charlie' leather saddle with hair pin springs. Strong base with high density water proof foam, not your average saddle, cost $495.00 to have specially made!
  • Joe Hunt billet Magneto.
  • 4 speed gearbox with folding kickstart lever, smooth changes, no crunching or grinding etc
  • Triumph headers with heat wrap and custom baffled copper mufflers, has an awesome note.
  • Triumph rear hub laced to16" rim with Avon tyre.
  • Honda front end with Honda disc brake laced to 21" rim and Avon tyre.
  • Custom 7/8" hex risers, black handlebars.
  • Genuine Triumph ribbed fender modified and radiused with custom stays.
  • Custom chain guard.
  • Daytona headlamp with built in speedo and custom headlamp brackets. Custom alloy grill tail light.
...And the list goes on!

This is no show pony or trailer queen. It is built to ride and has been since it was built. Frame and tinware in good condition with the usual small marks and blemishes that are to be expected from road riding. The finish is done to reflect the old skool patina look as all the parts follow this theme. From front to rear, no bling, just pure old skool rat!

The engine ticks over nicely, good comp, revs smoothly across the rev range, does not have knocks or any unusual noises and blows no smoke.
Gearbox selects through all gears smoothly and clutch grips fine. This is a great bike to ride and is also learner approved.
Runs on regular unleaded petrol. This motorcycle does not have a battery, lights are powered up whilst running with ignition being independantly taken care of by the powerful Joe Hunt Magneto. All gauges work fine. The machine rides and handles well and is quite comfortable.
This bike has not been molested or butchered by some backyard mechanic as is the case with most on the market. It runs true as to be expected from a good Triumph custom bobber.
Currently registered in NSW 28/4/14 and boasting 9386 trouble free km since it was built in 2007-08.
Featured in OZ BIKE magazine #327 and well known amongst the Sydney custom bike builder scene, this bobber attracts plenty of looks and admiration from many enthusiasts. 

A cool period bobber, ready to ride, no fuss, priced well below what it would cost to build this bike (an actual reliable and functioning bike, ask anyone who has built a Triumph!..)

Currently on ebay, click link below:

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