Monday, January 9, 2012

1951 BSA C10 250cc Side Valve Rigid Model

This has to be one of the most original BSA C10 we have seen. When it comes to lightweights this 250cc sidevalve is one of my favourites. Purchased over 6 years ago, stored but turned over fortnightly, we finally gave this machine the attention it deserves.

The petrol tank was removed and flushed clean. Engine primed, carb removed, stripped down, cleaned, checked and re-built. New battery, fresh lube and with a few sputters the engine ticked over nicely.

Plenty of rare parts on this machine and in very good condition considering their age.

The C10 rides like a dream and everything works just like it did when it left the factory!


Anonymous said...

g day, nice bike, was just offered,this bike to get going or restore.neighbour of mine,83,bought it 25 year ago52 mod 250cc side valve,rode it home he said....never to be ridden after that,had family.Its compleate 2 tanks,spare gearbox,bottom end,coil,another compleate motor not same...but he says it will fit, bike needs lotta love...after seeing yours I think its gonna get where to start.cheers chris

Anonymous said...

hi there . nicest example of this great lil 250cc. glad to see it and read how, with TLC, it is up and running no problemo. having just rescued my late grandads one from storage i'm now motivated to restore and ride. Tina NZ

Anonymous said...

nice bike''

Is yours a girder fork model Tina?