Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trojan Pit-Starter. (Roller Starter)

    =======Trojan Pit-Starter =======>>>

                                      ‘A portable, safe and easy way to start motorcycles’

Ideal for the astute motorcycle enthusiast, the TPS allows for quick and safe starting of motorcycles, both touring and race bikes, in the workshop or at the track.

TPS duplicates the action of push-starting a bike by spinning the rear wheel up to a speed of 40kph. On releasing the clutch with the bike in gear, the engine is induced to start.


1. Set up the TPS on a suitable area of level ground behind the motorcycle.

2. Lower the ramp and position the starting switch in a suitable position on the side that suits you.

3. Plug the TPS into an appropriate 240 V power source.

4. Back the motorcycle onto the TPS ensuring the rear wheel is square to the rollers, central between the side-plates and that the front wheel is directly in line.

5. Sit astride the motorcycle and apply the front brake.

6. Select second gear (or the gear you would use if push-starting).

7. Some 4 stroke bikes require pulling back over compression

8. Turn on the motorcycle ignition switch, fuel levers, choke etc as appropriate.

9. Pull in the clutch lever.

10. Sit firmly on the seat and operate the TPS operating switch with the heel.

11. With the rear wheel spinning, let out the clutch to start the engine.

12. Release the TPS operating switch.

13. With the engine running, select neutral or pull in the clutch lever.

14. Push the motorcycle off the TPS.

Unit Dimensions:
43 cm (L) x 43 cm (W) x 14 cm (H)

Weight: 13.8 kg

Trojan Classic Motorcycles Pty Ltd
4/ 117 Punchbowl Road,

Belfield, NSW 2191

Telephone: (02) 9759 6990



Anonymous said...

Do you sell it? How much?

Anonymous said...

theres telephone number and web address, i'm sure if you contact them they will tell you! Andreas