Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BMW R65 Cafe Boxer

1984 650cc BMW R65. How much would you expect to pay? Well Martin R. was lucky enough to snap this one up for a case of beer. So there was one thing he had to do... Build a Cafe Racer.

The idea was to keep the mods simple, practical and raw.
A fibre glass seat base was sourced from the US and trimmed here in Australia. The paint was done by a friend and Martin insisted he paint the checkered flag stripes rather than use decals. A slight over spray of white on the edges really gives it that no-nonsense ready for race look.

To get the ball rolling Martin sourced the following parts at Trojan Classic Motorcycles, like a kid in a candy store he went to town.
Ace bars, clubman mirrors, pod filters, tacho and speedo gauges, megaphone mufflers, cateye tailight, heavy duty headlight brackets, MKII indicators...Pure Cafe!

The engine is stock and reliable as hell. It also sounds great. The frame is standard except for the rear section which was extended to take the seat.
Clever black outs, period custom parts, careful planning and the result is a BMW Cafe Racer that looks awesome and built to ride.

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