Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peter F's Triumph 6T Bobber

This machine was built by someone in QLD and the new owner Peter F bought it on a wing without looking or knowing anything about Triumphs. He had it sent straight down to us as he was told the machine doesn't run.

Information we had was that the motor was re-built but never started.
The beast arrived and it was evident someone had gone to the trouble of doing some nice work but lacked the knowledge to fine tune and complete the project. Nice lines, paintwork and wheels.
Main problems found : magneto not timed in correctly, rusty timing gears (bit scary that 'cause we don't know what else could be inside!), clearances wrong, soft grade fuel line used for oil line, primary dry, clutch problem, chainguard touching chain, no wiring or componentry, saddle not mounted properly - basically slapped together to look good but not function as a motorcycle.
The major problem was it's front end. Bent trees, wrong spring length, fork shrouds not modified to fit correctly, handle bar risers and lever gear clapped out 'el cheapo' rubbish. The axle was not correct for neither forks or hub and this caused tubes to bind and wreck seals plus damage slider components.
Below some shots of the work and final result.

Forks removed, the work begins. New fuel, oil lines, petcocks, timing set, gears sorted, header baffles installed.
Primary drive system now sorted, electricals installed, chainguard modified.

Front end re-built, shrouds modified, correct axel aligned and front guard fabricated to suit.

Mini Speedo, Liquid filled oil gauge, 3" mirror, switch gear and all controls set to go!
Sparto tailight, Mini di-cast Bullet indicators, 4 1/2" barrel springs...hold on!

Traditional bobber, same height/width wheels, standard oil and fuel tank.

Rare Duplex frame, custom rear modified from genuine rigid, pre-unit Triumph..Excellent lines.

Machine now functions and rides as it should and is enjoyed by owner Peter F on a daily basis.


BitMonkey said...

Sorry for commenting on an ancient post. I've long admired the stance on this bike. Ironically I just bought a duplex framed T110. I'd love to find out more about how the tail section was modified to fit the duplex frame. Do you have any photos of it or is there someway I might reach the current owner?

Trojan Classic Motorcycles said...

Hi, the rigid section is off a pre swingarm Triumph. This was cut and modified to fit. It is not feasible to do this as we have rigid rears that will basically fit straight on without much work.
Contact us for more info.