Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rat n' Rod day 2010

Father's day is Rat Rod day.

This is now the only custom car/bike
show i go to and i really look forward
to this event.
This year was no exception and even
though the weather looked like it was
going to ruin the weekend, Sunday came
and the clouds went away!

We met at Newtown on Sunday morning.
I was quite surprised at the turn out. I remember
a few years ago only six of us attended!

Celebrity guest appearances by
Guinness book of records
The most tattooed man on the planet.
Mr. Lucky Diamond Rich (right) and
Krazy Kustom nutter Mr Von Daz! (below)

It was good to see some old faces and also
meet new people. We had a bite, warmed up
and proceeded to Taren point.


Here are a few pics, i'll show off mostly bikes but there was much more going on carwise...
you can find those on other blogs or sites!

Matt J blue and green bikes. The green built in 2006
still looks awesome. New owner Anthony R.


                          Luke B's BSA >>

I can't rememeber the person's name who this
brown BSA bobber belongs to, but it is a
good looking beast. My Triton stands next to it.

        Geoff B's Triumph with a wild girder.



      The "Triumphant" by Von Daz.

My nephew Ari going ape over this Rat.
(We like to start them off young)

           Ezio's Triumph hi-pipe chopper.

The boys from Evolution have also become regulars
at this event, sporting some nice custom lightweights.

And the grand finale - My son Anthony and Matt J with the Lowrider Matt J built all those years ago.
This was the inspiration that drove Matt to build the
Mexican styled Triumph blue bobber...
These two finally meet as the day draws to an end.

See you there next year!!

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