Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bombardier heads south

I remember the day Von Daz purchased a frame, engine cases, some scattered parts as a job lot and then telling me he was going to build a BSA Bobber...That was in 2006-07.

The BSA was then sold to Luke who continued to maintain and enjoy this machine. As it turns Luke now has other commitments and has passed on the torch. It's like a family thing, we are all used to seeing it around and now it has to go.

The bike is sold and it is going to a good home where the new owner will have a rare opportunity to enjoy a one of a kind Kustom bobber.

Following is a description of this special BSA.

*** ** BSA Custom Bobber ** ***

Frame is 1947 BSA A7 rigid.

Engine is 1973 A65 Lightning.

Worked engine featuring spitfire cam, gas flowed 34mm headwork, large intake valves, stainless steel SRM pushrods, SRM 840cc big bore kit, SRM high volume oil pump, roller bearing conversion with quil end oil feed.
Cases are highly polished, timing side cover custom made to take fully re-built Joe Hunt magneto. This bike starts first or second kick, has great torque, power and revs smoothly.
Two 34mm Mikuni Carbs with custom velocity stacks feed this alloy head beast with custom headers to allow for quick gas release.
Gearbox is 4 speed with 21 tooth drive sprocket and a custom belt drive open primary system. Everything works smoothly as it should.

Up front, Genuine 1942 WLA springer with Black powder coated springs and chrome fork legs. Special dampner system custom fitted for better handling. This front end was specially engineered to work with tapered bearings and also has custom alloy top tree and risers. Dragbars with alloy leavers help keep everyhting under control.
Front 21" wheel, Avon Rib tyre and XT350 modified drum brake brings you to a stop. Speedo drive is fitted if you desire to put one on. This is not your typical run off the mill generic springer, it has been correctly and painstakingly engineered so it not only looks good but works as it should and very well at that.
Rear 16" wheel, Metzler whitewall tyre, BSA QD hub with alloy brake plate, custom torque stay and custom lever.
Petrol tank is BSA with metallic grey paint and checkered flag old skool number 47. Saddle is period old skool also with 3" barrel springs, slung low for that sleek look. Rear guard is genuine Triumph chopped and radius fit with matching paint work.

Rear tail light is super rare Genuine Lucas spot modified and chromed with custom made number plate bracket. Headlight is Bates type with custom alloy brackets.
Oil tank is custom stainless steel with custom brackets. Oil filter system is custom underside mounted for maximum air flow to aid in oil cooling. Custom oil pressure gauge and alloy bracket.
Modified and chromed chainguard and an incredible sidestand system utilising a Triumph sidestand. Handmade alloy knuckle duster kick starter.
Simple but effective hidden wiring and battery eliminated.

The machine rides and handles exceptionally well. Arguably one of the best heavily customised BSA Bobbers to hit the streets.
Featured in OzBike, Dice #11, Greasy Kulture and TCB magazines.
In conclusion, a well built and thought out custom motorcycle featuring loads of custom work with killer looks and performance to match.

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