Thursday, July 1, 2010

Matt G Triumph Chop

Matt G came to our shop with a Custom blue Trumpy chop in need of desperate top end attention.
The most un-believable thing was his neighbour. The man dumped the sporty front end you see in the pics on his front lawn for rubbish collection day! It's like new!
Matt double checked with the neighbour incase there had been a mistake but the guy said "if you want it, take it" How's that for luck?
Bike features a lot of custom goodies, including belt drive primary, front & rear discs, forward controls, remote oil filter plus more.
Took a while to fix this engine, major barrel and head work, but well worth the effort as can be seen by the smile on Matts' face.
Quote "I can't believe it, it's never ran this good, i don't recognise it at all".



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