Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hollywood Bobber

This Bobber belongs to Pete B
(see previous, post-red Harley trike).

Built in the US of A by Hollywood bobbers.


A local dealer sold it to Pete, he then sent it to us for a few mods and repairs.
We fabbed/fitted speedo drive, cables, instrument bracket, fitted fuel/air filters and an oil filtration system, propper chain etc etc. Electrics were re-done as the beast had no power to the lights.

But the most disturbing thing was no oil pressure showing on the dial!! This motor is brand new, but we discovered an oil seal was stripped due to wrong instalation. Looks like everyone this bike passed through neglected to check for oil pressure. Luckily no damage was done and we caught it early. We recommend oil guages not lights, by the time you see the light your bottem end is starved.

Pete's a happy chappy, the machine is in full working order and rides like a Gem!


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