Saturday, July 11, 2015

Yamaha SR400 by Joseph Savor

Stock Yamaha SR400 i sold last year (see: SR400) ended up with Joseph Savor and i reckon he's done a great job turning it into a slick streeter.

This is what it looked like before the treatment ...

 And after...

Aris Triangle Headlight, 3" mirror, fork boots, custom fender up front.

Nitroheads seat, mini cateye and small indicators at rear.

 Petrol tank is stock taken back to metal, electrics modified with sports air filter.

Mini speedo with Arion Pacific Industries Miller horn switch and indicator switch at control centre.

 Subtle white Yamaha decal on tank and nice black outs to the engine.

 Stock wheels blacked out, almost look like Skyway tuffs!

We are definately looking forward to seeing more builds from Simple Sycles in the near future.

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