Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The most desired Bantam of all and the epitome of BSA Bantam engineering.
This BSA 175cc Bantam Bushman is one of 300 UK market designated models signified by the BB prefix.

The 1969 model is the last Bushman and the best performing Bantam featuring:
  • new design cylinder head with central mounted spark plug to facilitate quicker and more accurate timing
  • re-engineered stronger crankcases
  • stiffer crankshaft
  • 10:1 piston compression ratio
  • 13 bhp (previous D14 models had 10bhp)
  • heavy duty front forks with hydrolic damping and gaitors
  • larger diameter exhaust port with improved gas flow
  • exposed rear springs
  • Large Amal 626 concentric carb
BSA Bantams span from 1948 to 1971 and were used for commuting, racing and trials. Probably the most succesful British motorcycle ever built in terms of numbers but the design was actualy based on the German DKW RT125. After the war companies including Harley Davidson, Russian Voskhod, Japanese Yamaha and ofcourse BSA all used the DKW layout. DKW continued to build motorcycles in West Germany but in East Germany the old factory was renamed IFA and then MZ. The RT125 design was also used. 

Bantams are still very popular today as many restorers and collectors find them easy to work on and fun to ride. 

The Bushman featured here is quite rare. These are not like other Bantams. They are more powerful and modified to suit both on and off road situations without hesitation.

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