Saturday, September 17, 2011

SWS Rockets, Roller Derby League

'We are an all-female, DIY, skater-owned and -operated flat track roller derby league who love nothing more than putting our skates on and getting out on the track!'

I met Miss Dolly Death on the BSA War 54 photo shoot by C. Nilson. She told me about Roller Derby...

I had no idea this was going on. Just faint memories of old movies i used to watch remind me of Roller Derby. Now check out these girls Flat tracking on skates!


The 1930's version of roller derby was played on a banked track & was similar to wrestling, with its theatrics for show fights & antics. Back in these days safety gear wasn't even considered & the sport was a lot more brutal & had far less rules. Roller Derby fever took hold, becoming very popular across Australia during the 50s-60s, with weekly bouts being televised. Most teams were for-profit in these days.

With names such as Lady Gag-Her, Ann O War and events named Malice in Derbyland, you can bet you're not going to see Olivia Newton John doing laps in Xanadu! SWS girls don't muck around, they have their own league set up with rules and regulations. See:  for info and also check out the blog at

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