Monday, May 30, 2011

Motorcycle maintenance and useful tools #3



FasMetal™ 10 HVAC Repair

Tested and proven, as used by proffessionals worldwide.

High strength, aluminium filled epoxy for bonding, patching, filling and sealing.

Used for repairing large and small holes in aluminium and other metal castings; building up metal surfaces, sealing leaks in pipes and tanks, sealing, filling, bonding similar and disimilar metals plus much more!

Aluminum-filled epoxy adhesive conveniently packaged in a 6 1/2 oz (184g) tube with a second tube containing hardener. Enough to do more than just one small job!
  • Bonds to aluminum and other metals, ceramics, woods, concrete or glass  
  • Repairs coils in compressors  
  • Hardens to a rigid bond that can be ground, drilled or tapped  
  • Fills voids or porosity in aluminum castings

This is not a cheap product to just get the job done. It is industrial strength and is used by proffessionals worldwide.

Do it once, do it right!

Available through Trojan Classic Motorcycles.
Part number: TLS0034

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