Sunday, June 27, 2010

WAR 54

                                                                   WAR 54

James K walked into our shop and asked about British bikes and in particular, custom bikes.
He said "I don't want a bike like everyone else, i want something different, can you help?"
Now i had a plan for quite some time to build the BSA plunger (pictured above) but i just don't have the time as customers work comes first.
I showed James the BSA and explained with words and sketches my vision for this project.
James decided to make the purchase, then commissioned us to go ahead with the modifications. He has involved himself in the preperation and overall production.
I won't bore you with the stripdown and all the step by step.
Let's Begin!

The engine is 350cc bottom now with 500cc top end, Amal concentric 626 carb. G/box is stock 4 spd.

While we were doing some mild engine work, James sanded and painted nearly everything Satin black finish.

Rear is now 16" Harley rim laced to the stock hub with SS spokes. It took some effort to get this right as there were a lot of clearance issues.

Consider chain, chainguard, mudguard, frame... and then try to centre the wheel somewhat without touching anything!

Front wheel is now 21" Harley rim laced to the stock hub with SS spokes. No problems here, i wish it was this easy for the rear.


James chose to use drag bars with control levers that matched the era of the motorcycle. The only issue here is that the control levers won't clear the petrol tank on full lock. The original handlebars have a 2" rise wich allows clearence. Plan B a bit later...

We modified the top fork shrouds, i found this WIPAC headlight in the parts bin and modified a Bantam h/light bracket to keep with the old skool feel. The headlight is complete but because we are handling it we keep the glass and other parts stored safely.
Too many times i've heard the same story,
"i was checking to see how i'll mount the headlight and i dropped it".
It's good practice to remove the beam making the shell easier to handle.

 James swapped petrol tanks with another customer of ours... He got paid AND received a tank that was in excellent condition!

It's a B33 round badge, the other guy needed the flat badge and everyone is happy.

An electrician by trade, James pulled some favours owed to him from a panelbeater/spraypainter and the paintwork is complete.

Chopping, modifying, bending, welding and we finally got this flat guard ready for the rear.



A lot of work here getting the saddle right. This is a one off custom that we designed and is handmade as per request from the owner.

Mounting rear guards and getting them to look right on BSA plungers is not easy, but i think this one is spot on and it's actually strong enough to sit on.

The petrol tank is mounted even though the controls don't clear, i just had to have a look!

And what the hell, let's see how the saddle looks...Stunning!

James chose after long thought to use the Lucas 525 alloy tailight assy.

We're getting there. A few more adjustments, wiring and all round checking should see a cool bobber hit the steets very soon.

Sorry about the quality of the last few pics it was getting dark and i didn't adjust the camera.
Stay tuned, i think i have something to sort out the handlebar issues!

Almost there, everything hard mounted and running like a dream.
Old skool alloy dogbones dropped forward has improved riding position and eliminated clearance issues.

Engine tuned, gearbox serviced, this bike rides like a dream.
James is now doing the wiring so it won't
be long before it hits the streets.



Anonymous said...

Sweet a very very nice B33/31 a good insperation



Anonymous said...

Love the dogbones, a very tidy nice little unit.

Unknown said...

Hi what rim width and tyre size did you use on your trick looking project.

Trojan Classic Motorcycles said...

Thanks Chris, tyre 16/500 rim 16x3.