Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trojan Trumpy

Minas's 68 Bonnie Bobber hits Ozbike Magazine issue  #327.
Article headed Trojan Trumpy written by Wasko.

Wasko did a great write up on this one. Well worth the read if you can grab a copy.
The pains and heartache of building a first bike with a result that was well worth the effort.
Determination and hard lessons learnt as Minas burns up the streets on this super cool Triumph.


This is what the canvas looked like when Minas took up the challange.
Anyone who thinks starting from here will be a breeze is in for a shock. The hardest builds are those undertaken and not completed.
Preperation and planning is the key. Just buying and slapping parts together will almost certainly leave you snagged and ending up with something like this pictured here on the left.

This photo was taken a little while back and the bike has changed slightly on the cosmetic side.
It now has exhaust wrap and hand made copper mufflers. The air filters are gone and copper ram tubes make the beast look meaner.
I'll see if i can get a recent pic soon.

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